Client Stories–Regaining Independence– Mr. Jones

“Mr. Jones” was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was looking forward to continuing his rehabilitation at home. An active man in his late 60’s, he was totally independent in all activities of daily living prior to his accident, including running a small home-based family business.
The road to recovery for Mr. Jones included the need to address low back pain that was causing muscle weakness, difficulty in bed mobility, transfers, walking and stair climbing. He was unable to safely leave home independently, making him home bound. Mr. Jones’ goal was to return to his prior level of function, be independent in all activities of daily living and be able to walk without difficulty.

Focused on Moving Forward

After assessment, the ATS team went to work by developing a progressive PT plan of care, with frequency and duration of two times/week for three to four weeks to achieve the patient’s goals.
The plan of care included skilled PT interventions, including:
  • Patient education on safety precautions
  • Proper body mechanics including proper lifting techniques
  • Therapeutic exercises, activities and neuromuscular re-education
  • Manual therapy for pain management
  • Gait and stairs training
  • Establishment of a home exercise program

Regaining Independence

Mr. Jones was able to reach his goals to be independent in all activities of daily living and walk without difficulty or use an assistive device. He also was compliant with the established home exercise program to support proper body mechanics and strength building.
The ATS therapy professionals and care team were pleased to support Mr. Jones in his recovery and goals to get back to independently living his life.
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