Our Mission

The mission of Exhale is to provide a wide range of comprehensive respiratory services to patients in skilled nursing facilities, with the goal of reducing unnecessary re-hospitalizations in our patient population.

Who We Are

Advanced Therapy Solutions' Exhale program utilizes our staff of qualified therapists to provide comprehensive respiratory therapy to our patient population. The benefits of this program include a reduction in re-hospitalizations, improved pulmonary and cardiovascular function, the potential for patients to reach clinical stability, and a higher quality of life for both the patient and their family. We believe that everyone deserves high-quality care, which is why we serve all patients - irrelevant of payor source or diagnosis.

Exhale Offerings

Re-Hospitalization Prevention

We offer this program in order to prevent recurrence of exacerbation for CHF, COPD, and pneumonia patients. We provide education, respiratory assessment and intervention, and metric analytic trends to all patients in order to make this program as effective as possible.

Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab

Our Cardio-Pulmonary program is designed for COPD patients to help them reach and maintain high functioning pulmonary levels and clinical stability. A licensed respiratory therapist works to develop a need based individual treatment program to ensure the highest quality of life for COPD patients.

High Acuity Patient Interventions

High acuity pulmonary patients need regular respiratory assessments, care interventions, and recommendations. These type of patients may include Trach patients, high flow oxygen patients, or patients on BIPAP or CPAP. Exhale provides 24/7, 365 assistance to all high acuity patients for equipment set-ups, assessments, and general respiratory support. We believe that no matter when a patient needs us, we will be there to help them - always.

What can Exhale do for you?

At Exhale, we offer a wide variety of services to all of our patients, no matter their situation:

  • In-person assessment
  • Virtual assessment
  • Bedside assessment
  • On-Site Education
  • Virtual and Telehealth Education
  • 24/7 Respiratory Virtual Support
  • Equipment set-up for BIPAP, CPAP, AVAP
  • Take-home equipment to reduce patient and family concerns upon going home
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Terminal Weans
  • High Flow O2 Training
  • Respiratory Distress Training
  • Home Sleep Studies