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As a patient of ATS, we bring our therapy experts to you. Whether you are located in your home, in a skilled nursing facility, or in an assisted or independent living facility, ATS is there to assist with all of your therapy needs. Get back to living the life you want to live, as easy and as comfortably as possible.

At ATS, we offer the following services to our patients: 

You will also find answers to some frequently asked questions that our prospective patients often have for us before they begin receiving therapy services. We are here to make you feel comfortable when joining ATS and begin to receive the therapy you need - wherever and whenever. 

Want to be connected to a therapy expert now? Request a consultation by filling out the form below - we will work with you to develop a therapy plan that best fits your needs, your schedule, and your lifestyle. You can also give ATS a call to set up a consultation and ask any questions you may have by dialing (847) 589-2262.

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ATS is a thorough and thoughtful close team environment, they care deeply about their patients and their patient's goals to return home.

Amber, COTA