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For Providers

As a healthcare professional, we want you to be informed about the entirety of therapy services we offer, as well as the type of patients that we are able to serve. Most patients are brought to us by professionals like you, and we value the commitment you make to finding the best therapy provider for your patient. 

At ATS, we bring our therapy experts directly to the patient. Our four core areas of service are:

Within these settings, we provide comprehensive therapy services including:

ATS is there to assist with all of our patients’ therapy needs. It is our goal to get them back to living the life they want to live, as easy and as comfortably as possible.

Would you like to partner with ATS, or submit a referral?

Submit a referral by filling out the form below - we will work with you and your patient to develop a therapy plan that best fits their needs, schedule, and lifestyle. You can also give ATS a call to make a referral and ask any questions you may have by dialing (847) 589-2262.



It has been an absolute privilege partnering with ATS over the years! ATS invests in their therapists and embraces integration of state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based programming to deliver an unparalleled patient experience. True to their mission, I’ve witnessed countless examples of therapists putting their patient first and thinking outside of the box to drive outcomes.

Anthony Gianpetro, PT, DPT, MTC