Client Stories – James “Jim” B. – U.S. Navy Veteran

Jim, a proud Navy veteran who served from 1958-1960 on the USS Interceptor, and had a long career at Northern Illinois University, was admitted to Generations at Neighbors with a left below-knee amputation and Stage IV pressure wound.

He was dependent on all self-care, bed mobility and transfers at his Initial evaluation in mid-September 2019. Jim’s number one goal was to return home to live as independently as possible and be with his wife, Sue.

To support Jim’s goal for returning home as quickly as possible, the ATS Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists worked alongside the Generations at Neighbors’ clinical team to develop a comprehensive plan of care lasting for 9 weeks. This included:

  • Progressive strengthening training to increase muscle strength, tone, size, and function.
  • Balance training to improve stability.
  • Functional mobility training to promote independence and making Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) easier to perform.
  • Wound care management through a coordinated effort of the IDT.

Supported efforts with Jim’s payer in order to continue therapy services and complete surgical wound closure.

Mission Accomplished

Jim returned home mid-November 2019, with renewed function and strength. In fact, he only needed minimal assistance for all ADLs and transfers using a sliding board. He approached his road to recovery just like a true hero, by showing strength and determination supported by a ‘never quit’ attitude that he has shown throughout his life, even as a young U.S. Navy Sailor.

At home, Jim continues to receive rehab therapy through home health services. After receiving his prosthesis over the winter, his outpatient physical therapy was delayed due to COVID-19 precautions. Jim started his first outpatient session in July 2020 for continued rehab and gait training.

Thanks to the care and therapies provided by the team at Generations at Neighbors and Advanced Therapy Solutions, Jim was able to achieve his goal of living his life as independently as possible.


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