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Home Health

In our Home Health Services, ATS serves patients directly at their own personal residence. We partner with many Home Health organizations within our service territory to provide such services in a home setting. Home Health patients are considered homebound and need to receive care at their place of living. ATS works with the patient and their home care providers to determine a schedule and routine, therapy plan, and overall strategy to get to the functionality level they need. These services include: 

  • Post hospitalization recovery
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehab
  • Strengthening
  • Hip and knee replacements
  • Stroke rehab
  • Pain management

These services are contracted to ATS through a home health agency, and the bill is paid by the agency, not the patient. We are here to help the patient at any cost, and we will never refuse a patient because of an inability to pay - we put them first!


Over my years in the healthcare industry, I have had experience with various therapy providers. I find ATS to be one of the top providers in the market. Not only are they responsive and reliable, their collaboration with the facilities are second to none.

Amanda Colwell, Generations HealthCare Network